Happy New Year 2013

We had a great New Years trip and we are now back looking forward to 2013. It is hard to believe we are in the year of 2013--it seems like we just celebrated the millennium!

Furniture purchases have been brisk in January and we continue to bring in new inventory.

We just finished consolidating warehouses and now have one ample space in Flemington, NJ, just 20 minutes away from the Lambertville store. During the move, we found pieces that we hadn't seen in ages and, in some cases, forgot we owned them.

Near and dear to my heart are the handbags. We have one heated room that will house the bags so that I will be able to find and photograph pieces easily and not have to hunt three locations to find an item.

Also, many thanks to my web person, who changed the way I am able to add information to the site. NO MORE HTML!!!!! I look forward to keeping you up to date with current news without dealing with the dreaded HTML.

Thank you again: Lucky Magazine, In Style, Philadelphia Magazine and New Jersey Life Magazine!