Mix Gallery's Glossary Vintage Women's and Men's Accessories

Pristine condition: No flaws -- appears almost new.
Excellent condition: No visible flaws but shows signs of occasional use.
Gently used condition: Does not look new, but retains its original beauty, showing careful use.
Good used condition: Shows more use, but not abused.
Needs T L C : Excellent vintage example, however, needs restoration. Good for sample/design inspiration


Mix Gallery's brick and mortar store is known for carrying vintage original designer handbags. Most of our new customers do not realize our bags are vintage when they first enter the store because the condition is generally outstanding. The majority of our customers purchase their first vintage bag at our store because of uniqueness, design and craftsmanship. In order of importance, our selection criteria are based on:

1. Form
2. Condition
3. Originality
4. Construction quality
5. Materials



My apologies to our current clients, you have heard us harp on these points before. We believe vintage purses should be enjoyed and rotated so that each one does not sustain too much wear. If you have to use the same "everyday bag" everyday, let it be vintage Coach, Dooney & Bourke or Tod's--they can sustain abuse and you can always get another.

Enjoy your bags. At the end of the day when you return home, empty the contents of your handbag into a bowl or basket. The next morning treat yourself to a great bag that is sitting in your closet. The bag will accessorize your clothing and you will feel great because you took the time to pull your ensemble together. We guarantee you will feel less guilty next time you splurge on a great bag because you actually wear the ones you have!


Cover your bags with a breathable material to keep them from gathering dust. Most of the vintage bags from the 1940-70's did not come with storage pouches as good bags do today. Even an old pillowcase will work. Store bags upright, without pressing against another bag. To avoid cracks on handles, we recommend supporting handles (upright at the center) so that gravity doesn't pull them down or make them lean to one side. Store bags in a temperature controlled area--avoid hot attics and damp basements.

Clean and Condition

We recommend Shirlo for all fine skins and non-suede leathers***Suede and fabric bags with a nap should be gently brushed to keep the nap raised. Cover when not in use to remain free of dust***Vinyls and lucite should be cleaned with Novus--no household cleaners please***If you get a stain on your Pucci velvet or silk bag, please take it to a French cleaner as soon as possible, do not attempt to remove the stain yourself. If you need a recommendation, let me know.


If your bakelite has begun to sweat, deform or develops a vinegar odor, keep it away from your other bakelite pieces because it has developed a bakelite disease. To date, there is no way to reverse the deterioration and, unfortunately, the disease can spread to your other bakelite pieces.


We do have restoration services available for our customers. We specialize in leathers and skins.

If you have a special piece that you would like to have restored so that you can use it again, send us a photo or bring the piece into our shop so we can evaluate it for you. Restoration work is expensive, so we need to make sure the piece is a good candidate and can be properly restored. Also, it is important not to invest money in a piece that is worth less than restoration costs! Of course, family pieces or pieces with sentimental value can be priceless and difficult to apply a dollar amount to their worth. In any case, we will provide a written estimate and you will be the ultimate decision-maker prior to proceeding with any work. Our restorer is a third-generation leather craftsman, trained in Florence, Italy and we are proud of the quality of the work we provide. Our customers have been very pleased with their results over the years and we strive to continue to offer this special service.


Please check condition prior to purchase and refer to our condition glossary. If you have specific questions regarding an item and we have not covered it in our description, simply call or send an email. We will be happy to provide detailed condition reports and look forward to the opportunity to serve someone whom we hope will be a long term customer. Condition is important to us but it is subjective, so we would like to make sure that items from our collection meet your expectations.

Our objective is to have a satisfied customer that feels great about his/her purchase and recommends us to others. However, we are a small organization and cannot afford to waste time on returns and the hassle that goes along with them, so we would like to minimize these occurrences. In 11 years, our gallery has striven to please all customers and we hope our venture on the internet will enhance our positive experience.


If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return it for a refund of the item price, less a 20% restocking fee. Returns must be shipped next business day. Please send an email so we are able to give you a return code. All of our items are discreetly marked to be sure returned merchandise originated with us. The item must be in the original shipped condition and insured for the full purchase price.


Customer is responsible for shipping and handling costs. Shipping and handling is not refundable.

Small items are generally shipped by USPS, insured and signature required.

Larger items are shipped based on customer arrangements. We regularly ship to New York and Philadelphia and can arrange for delivery, or we will be happy to coordinate with your shippers. International shipments are handled by our preferred shipper, The Packaging Store. We are happy to deliver items to them for packing and shipping for you.